Wednesday, July 30, 2014


We had been away exploring the "camping" experience during the CREATIVE BLOOMINGS July P.A.D. But the best part about going away camping is the return home. So it is back to business for the micro poetry arm of the CB stable of sites. We'll be filling the gas tank over at Flashy Fiction as well, and seeing if we can get the motor running more efficiently.

So for starters, write a "home" poem. It can be where you live (or had lived). It can be a return to a point where you felt things escape your scope. It can be about a place where you are most comfortable; a home away from home, if you will.

Wherever it is, bring it home in 14 lines or less, because that's how we roll!



    This house
    welcomes me home.
    Its walls hug me,
    reviving the serenity
    I crave.

    © Susan Schoeffield


  2. Home

    We came to live in Normandy
    some twenty years ago,
    but wouldn’t leave for a million pounds -
    we have come home to roost.
    Where else in the world
    could I walk a hundred yards or so
    with bonjours, ça vas
    and bisous all the way?

    bisous = kisses


    I still dream of our cold-water flat
    in Brooklyn where I spent my first ten years.
    The room that attracted me the most
    had green mold growing rampant on the walls
    and it was always winter-cold there,
    even in the heat of summer months.
    We took baths in the kitchen tub, behind
    closed curtains and we shared the bathroom
    with our neighbors, Hassidic Jews next door.
    I did not know we were poor back then.
    We were wealthy in laughter and love.
    We were together we thought forever.
    Mama baked our favorite birthday cakes.
    Papa made up parables I never forgot.

  4. Welcome no more.
    Words say it,
    But actions don’t.

    You raised me to be the child of God that I am,
    Led me to the Call,
    But not here.

    You are still home to me,
    Though you claim me not.

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  6. I still dream of our cold-water flat
    in Brooklyn where I spent my first ten years.